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MisterGreen launches in-Tesla streaming service where you can watch Tesla drivers via the internal camera.

MisterGreen is launching its own streaming service where you can watch other Tesla drivers via the internal camera. The service uses the camera located near the rear-view mirror. If you are a member you can watch any Tesla driver at any time.

Video on demand and data collection

From the first week of April, the streaming service will be accessible to everyone upon request. This immediately ends the discussion whether Tesla's internal camera is on or off. The camera is on and we want to make this data accessible to everyone. The service is free to try, but will require payment in the future. The costs are estimated at € 4.99 per month.

We are responding to the 'streaming trend' and want to compete with TLC, Big Brother and Discovery + in the field of reality TV. Members of our streaming service will also be able to use channels from our other countries where we operate for free in the future.

We want to be a transparent company and give people access to data we collect. We want to gather the sentiment of Tesla drivers to better provide information for future Tesla updates. - Mark Schreurs

On the one hand, it provides entertainment for members, after all, they can watch the life of a Tesla driver. On the other hand, it provides us with valuable information about the general sentiment of Dutch Tesla drivers. We share this data so that when the Full Self-Driving beta is released in Europe, the Tesla can adopt the driver's driving style as accurately as possible.

Elon Musk confirms reports in 2019: Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla's cabin-facing camera in the Model 3 is still inactive and that it is “meant for use in upcoming robotaxi” However, the CEO seems to be open to other fun ways to use the camera.

The fun ways to use the camera has thus become the streaming service and data collection, but then a platform must be built by another party. And we did! With the push of a button you can follow any Dutch Tesla driver in traffic. 01-04-2021 the signatures will be placed with the relevant parties.

We follow Elon Musk closely and stand behind his choices, which is why we took the lead to build a first product for Tesla for the Dutch market - Florian Minderop

How does it work?

To access the platform, leave your details using the form below. We will give you access to the platform as soon as possible. With the push of a button, you can stream a video from the internal camera of a random Tesla driver in the Netherlands. In the future, we want to add trending directors and interesting directors where the sentiment we measure has provided us with the correct data, so that you can choose who you watch.

Get access to our streaming service

and follow real-time Dutch Tesla drivers.