Last week, Al Gore rocked TED with one of the most electrifying talks on our planet's future you'll ever hear. He asks three questions about climate change: Do we have to change? (Oh, yes we do; stunning stats and some jawdropping footage help make his case.) Second question: Can we change? And here's the surprising part: We've already started. So then, he asks the big question: Will we change? In this challenging, inspiring talk, Gore says yes: "We're going to win this." If you've got climate-change fatigue, feeling helpless and hopeless -- take the time to watch this rousing talk on the state of Earth right now.

You can watch the TED talk here

Onze klanten over MisterGreen

"Nu we een elektrische auto leasen, zijn we veel bewuster geworden van de noodzaak om niet meer op fossiele brandstoffen te rijden. Vandaar de keuze om drie Tesla Model 3's bij MisterGreen aan te vragen."

Jeffrey Werner, Tech Bakery